Andy Humphrey. Freelance Writer. Prize winning poet.

whisky and words

Whisky and Words is a writing workshop with a difference. The senses of taste and smell are a powerful gateway into memories, images and associations that will enliven your writing. This workshop is designed to unlock that sensory gateway with the assistance of the fabled “water of life” that has inspired generations of writers, from Robert Burns to Iain Banks.


In Whisky and Words, prize winning poet and Scotch malt whisky aficionado Andy Humphrey will guide you on a tutored tasting of single malt Scotch whisky. This will be the springboard for some free creative writing time of your own, in which to explore the sensations, ideas and memories evoked by the whisky. The goal of the workshop is for you to produce some brand new creative work of your own, with the whisky to guide and colour your writing.


Why single malt Scotch whisky?

No two Scotch single malts are the same. Some are matured in high pine forests, others on storm-lashed coasts. Just as our own environment and upbringing influence the way we write, so the origins of each malt whisky shape the distinctive flavours and aromas you will experience.  The whiskies which form part of the Whisky and Words experience have been selected to provide a wide range of different tastes and fragrances, enabling you to distil your own memories, dreams and inspirations into new and vivid pieces of creative writing.


How does it work?

Whisky and Words is a three-and-a-half hour writing workshop including at least 90 minutes of your own writing time. The workshop begins with a tutored tasting in which workshop leader Andy Humphrey will explain the different facets which create the tastes and flavours of each single malt, and allow you to sample a range of different single malts at your leisure. The tasting will be followed by a short period of “free association” writing where participants are encouraged to write their own “tasting notes” for the whiskies they have sampled – the more far-fetched, the better! After a brief sharing of ideas and associations, participants will have the opportunity to take away their tasting notes, and a sample of their favourite whisky, and use the time and space provided by the workshop to begin new pieces of creative writing. There is no requirement to produce finished work on the day, or to share your writing afterwards – we at Whisky and Words believe that good writing is very like good whisky, and often takes time to mature!


Booking information 

Whisky and Words is offered as a group activity with a maximum of 12 participants per session. Prices for the workshop start at £15 per person which includes all whiskies.

Whisky and Words encourages responsible drinking, and participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Please email me for further details.