Andy Humphrey. Freelance Writer. Prize winning poet.


* Over 50 published poems;

* Numerous poetry prizes including 10 First Prizes in national and international competitions;

* 2 poetry collections: A Long Way to Fall (Lapwing, 2013); Satires (Stairwell Books, 2015).

* First Prize winner in Open Short Story category, NAWG Annual Creative Writing Awards 2010;

* Several years' experience as MC at an acclaimed performance poetry venue;

* Leader of critique workshops for York Writers, Dream Catcher magazine, and Speakeasy;

* Numerous scientific publications including 2 book chapters and 3 major review articles;

* Author of The Poet's Soapbox blog.

competition adjudications

Writing competitions I have judged in the past include:

* Speakeasy Open Creative Writing Competitions - Poetry and Short Story categories - 2005, 2006, 2011, 2012

* Malton Literature Festival Open Creative Writing Competitions - Poetry and Short Story categories - 2010, 2011

* Ryedale Book Festival Open Poetry Competition - 2012, 2013

* Harrogate Writers' Circle - poetry competition, 2009

* Ripon Writers - poetry competition, 2011

* Poetry and short story competitions for Young Writers - as part of the Speakeasy (2005, 2006) and Malton Literature Festival competitions (2010,2011)

I believe in giving encouragement and guidance to aspiring writers and therefore always provide feedback for every competition I judge. For larger competitions this usually takes the form of a judge's report with general comments about the entries as well as commentary on the winning pieces. For smaller and internal competitions I will be happy to provide a short individual critique for each entry.

I have also been a judge at performance poetry events including the First Monkey Kettle Poetry Slam (2006), the York Poetry Slam 2011, and the Malton Literature Festival Poetry Slam (2011).

Please email me if you would like to hire me to judge YOUR poetry or fiction competition. I am willing to tailor my fees, as well as my feedback, to the needs of your group or event.


"Whisky and Words" - a one-of-a-kind workshop that uses the sensory experience of a tutored tasting of single malt Scotch whisky as the starting-point for your creative writing. Participants must be 18 or over.

"Introduction to Imagery" - it's a word that mystifies beginning poets, and even some more experienced writers! Using group exercises, discussion and examples from my own poetry (published and unpublished) I will help you unlock the mysteries of imagery and begin to understand how to harness its power in your own writing.

"Introduction to Critique" - helping others to improve their poetic craft involves being able to give effective critique of their writing. But when poetry is such a subjective art-form, what is the best way to make a critique really meaningful - and what is the best way to respond to critique? I will help you enter these treacherous waters using examples from my own writing over the years - both good and bad!

"The Way Through the Woods" - the symbolism of fairy tales and folklore remain potent, even in modern literature. This workshop is designed to help you explore the stories you remember from childhood, and draw out new meanings from them which you can harness for your own contemporary writing.

Other workshops can be designed to order - email me for more information!

writing to commission

I am willing to consider all requests to produce commissioned writing. Please drop me an email to discuss your commission.

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